Read This Article if You Think You Might Be Gay

Do you think you might be Gay, but not sure yet? Did you know about 1-2 % of all members of any given species have chemical problems? Even 2% of the butterflies think they are homosexual and attempt to mate with other male butterflies. In the United States there are about 1-2% of the people who are actually gay, yes they chemically are set up this way. It is a perfect natural thing and is quite common in the animal kingdom. Yet, five percent of Americans think they are gay, unfortunately that means that 3 or more percent are incorrectly believing that they might be gay. Some of this is from social engineering and society and perhaps just misidentifying one’s sexual hormonal changes?

If you are really unsure if you gay or not, you need to have your body chemistry checked out, as perhaps something is out of sync and this can be fixed through medication to bring you back to normality. If you are chemically imbalanced and function fine then you may then wish to consider if you wish to lead a gay or straight life to fulfill and pursue your happiness. Since we live in a free country it is best to live in the way, which works best with your chemical make-up. Since only 1-2% could be considered actually genetically predisposed to being gay, you might wish to check it out for sure, before you jump into an alternative lifestyle or sexual preference which might cause you to question yourself and lead to depression or suicide. Think on this.