Why Did He Cheat on Me? Find Out Key Factors Why He Might Have Cheated on You

Millions of woman find themselves asking “why did he cheat on me?” every single day. And then: Who’s fault is it? Mine? His? Or is it just a lack of interest? After such a gruesome thing happens, you may find yourself unable to make any rationalizations, but do not worry. You are about to learn tips to enjoy a better more fulfilling relationship with or without your partner.

Your decision to carry on the relationship with your partner should be considered very carefully. If your partner was able to provide you with real love, compassion and caring, then this is someone who can provide you with the things you need for the rest of your life. Such a person is deserving of your partnership, despite the “hurdle” that came up.

Know What Real Love Is-

Love is a collection of different things. But in general, love consist of passion, intimacy and commitment. You cannot have just one of these things alone. To have true love, you must have the combination of these 3 things. Your partner could be passionate and intimate, but if they’re not committed then you are dealing with some issues.


Do you remember when you first came together. You were drawn strongly to eachother. There was this magnetic like attraction that pulled you together. Lovemaking was intense, and pleasureable. After sometime however the passion cools down and the love starts to take a downfall. This is when people become likely to have an affair, because they fail to feel that initial “pull” towards their partner anymore.


Intimacy is a step up from passion. Intimacy comes in to play usually after a few weeks in the relationship. It is the start of stability in the relationship. It is a feeling of safety and trust that usually comes when the couple has spent just enough time to feel comfortable in each others’ company. This is the point where both parties aren’t afraid to be themselves and share their vulnerabilities with each other and have total discretion with each other. The need for intimacy is so great, that if it is absent in a relationship, it could drive a person to seek it in another person. Intimacy is really the “deal breaker”. Know that if you want to have intimacy, you must first have a strong feeling of trust.


The last stage of the relationship is commitment. It is similar to intimacy, but it takes a longer time to reach. It comes to be when there has been intimacy over a consistent period of time. Commitment starts to be a problem when thoughts about aging, illness or family come into the picture. The stress and worry of the long term baggage that might come along with commitment, can cause escaping to new lover out of fear and worry. What the cheating partner in this case, doesn’t doesn’t know they are doing is sub-consciously sabotaging the relationship with their partner. Deep down they do not want to commit, and so they do something irradic to fulfill their wishes.