What Are the Signs He Might Be the One

Join the club…we are all looking for “the one”. We’ve looked for him…we’ve prayed for him…we’ve even sat in Santa’s lap pleading for him! Let’s determine what the signs are that “he” might be the one…

He is responsible. He handles his responsibilities without the help of his “ex’s”…without the help of his mother. He takes care of his children…whether he feels like it or not. He knows he must keep gainful employment.

One of the signs he might be the one is, he understands. He knows there are times you are stressed out, and does what he can to be a strong, reliable shoulder to lean on.

No strings attached…

He is kind and respectful of his parents and yours. Respecting his elders is a sign of good character and upbringing.

Another sign that he might be the one is that he treats your children as well as he treats his own. It’s not just to impress you; he takes on a fatherly role to most children.

He genuinely cares…about more than just himself. It shows in everything that he does.

An important sign that he might be the one is that he is well liked…by both women and men.

He may have had trouble with the law in the past, but he is doing all that is within his power to keep from making the same mistakes. That is a sign of maturity and a sign that he really might be the one!

So, when you run into a man online or off, that has these “signs”, please consider giving him a chance. Finally! You may have found “the one”!

Isn’t it time for you to “choose” instead of waiting to be “chosen”?

Stop dreaming about “The One”… pull your dreams into reality!.