Under Certain Circumstances People Might Do Just About Anything

Have you ever wondered how or why someone does the things they do? How about insidious crimes like a mom drowning her 5 children in the bath tub? Unbelievable we think, but it cannot be impossible because we see that humans actually do stuff like this. Indeed, this became a not so pleasant topic of conversation recently at a Think Tank, which is online.

Someone brought to our attention and stated something to the effect that; “Under Right Circumstances People Might do Just About Anything.” Yes, unfortunately this is true. Yes, history shows that anyone can change and do almost anything under certain circumstances, yes, historically that is so correct. It’s tragic actually, it’s really too bad.

A couple of terrible books to read on this subject of ‘the things people can do under the certain circumstances’ are “Mein Koff,” “The Theory and Practice of Hell” and well there are a few other ones too. But, if you read them, they will give you the creeps and make you think. It’s too bad really, humans are really problematic. Heck in some cultures they still stone people to death, and everyone is fine with it? Go figure.

The question is why do we as a human race allow these things, how can these atrocities occur, what is going on? Why is the mob mentality so insane and so willing to riot, loot or even kill at the drop of the hat? Where is all this rage and anger coming from? If people think that what happened during Hitler’s reign could not happen today in some other country, they are wrong, and we are so wrong for allowing ourselves to forget. It can happen, we need to pay attention.